Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Training and teaching our little children

If we show our children when they are young the right path to take and tell them about the only way of truth(John 14:6), as they grow older even if they go astray or wander away, they will know to find their way back!
What they learn as a little child they will not easily forget!
And pray at all times for them!
Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

Be blessed,

Friday, September 25, 2015

Show them you care...

Sometimes vital and important relationships take a back seat because of our career, ministry, or other activities that keep us busy!
We sometimes take people in our lives for granted.
Some of our elderly, grand-dads, grand-moms, even elderly parents are forgotten lying all alone just longing to hear few words of love.
When we remember people we had forgotten or those we left behind and turn back to say how much they mean to us, they may be gone never to return and you may never be able to see them again,
So before it's too late we need to tell our loved ones how much we love and care for them.
Let us treasure every vital and important relationships in our lives.

A Poem I read:
If you have a tender message or a loving word to say,
Do not wait till you forget it, whisper it today,
The tender word unspoken,
The letter never sent,
The long forgotten messages,
 The wealth of love unspent,
For these some hearts are breaking.
For these some loved ones cry.
So show them you care for them before it's too late.

Don't strew me with roses after I'm dead.
When Death claims the light of my brow
No flowers of life will cheer me; instead
You may give me my roses now!
~ Thomas F. Healey

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

You can make a difference!

There are times we wonder, "What can I do to make a difference in someone's life?". 
I just want to share with you a something I read that has blessed me so...much.
Just some encouragement for WOMEN in here...
I don't know who wrote it...but it's the words that matters...
Hat's off to the one who penned this down.
Be Blessed,

______________(Author: Unknown)_____________
When you look at today's world, it's hard not to feel as though it is a 'lost cause'. After all, you are only one woman, what difference can you possibly make. You can pray, of course, and ask God to change the world we live in. But I believe He looks to His hands here on earth to show that God does make a difference.

Your hands and my hands are God's hands. To many we are the only Bible they will ever read. If we are to be like Jesus, we can't be like everyone else. People must be able to see a difference in us. If they see 'God' in us, and in our actions, then they're going to want God in their lives.

I spent a lot of time feeling frustrated and helpless. This wasn't the world I grew up in. It wasn't the world I wanted. It got so bad that I didn't even want to listen to the news or even read the newspaper. The overwhelming feeling of helplessness was just too much. So, selfishly, I began to look for ways in which I could make a difference . . . even the smallest difference. And what a difference it made in my life!

Use your talent, whatever it might be, to touch another life. If you sew, make a rag doll for a homeless shelter.

If you cook, stir up a batch of your great cookies for an alzheimer's facility.

The list of things you can do is unlimited. Each one touches a life in ways you can never imagine. And while you are using your talents, your own spirits will soar and you'll feel Jesus in your heart.

Make 1 phone call to someone who needs to hear from you. Let them know you are thinking about them.

I adore greeting cards. I never leave the store with less than 5 or 6, buying them with no particular person or occasion in mind. Then I have them on hand to send(snail mail) with a handwritten note to someone needing a 'lift' or a 'touch'. (You can even remain a 'secret pal'.) Think how you felt the last time you received an unexpected card.

Tell a Bible story to a child.

Make a phone call to your local politician, let them know what you support and that 'you' do care what they are doing. Christians don't have to be silent. Speak up! You see, you aren't helpless.

Still feeling like there's nothing you can do? 

Do you realize that if each of us only did a couple of things a week for others how many lives we would touch for Jesus!

I personally want to give you my heartfelt "Thank you!".
Spread the word that we are loved unconditionally by a Father who is never too busy to talk with us, walk with us and hold us up. 
And we are His hands.

(Author Unknown)