Sunday, August 5, 2012

I am Blessed...

As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend. 

Proverbs 27:17 NLT 

•..¸A true friend is one who'll stay by you when 

many rise up against you,

They don't just appreciate you, they won't gossip 

behind your back but will correct you when you 

make a mistake, lift you up when you fall.

Today thank God for your true friends for they are 

a blessing to you. 

Making 100's of friends is not an achievement

 miracle or a mile stone. In today's cyber world 

friends are just a click away.


But it's a true blessing if you have just a couple of 

true friends on earth, who'll stand by you through 

thick & thin.

Be Blessed


Loyal Companion...

Sharing here a thought by Max Lucado(One of my favorite Authors)
QUOTE>One gets the impression that to John, Jesus was above all a loyal companion. Messiah? Yes. Son of God? Indeed. Miracle worker? That, too. But more than anything Jesus was a pal. Someone you could go camping with or bowling with or count the stars with…
Now what do you do with a friend? (Well, that’s rather simple too.) You stick by him.
Maybe that is why John is the only one of the twelve who was at the cross. He came to say good-bye. By his own admission he hadn’t quite put the pieces together yet. But that didn’t really matter. As far as he was concerned, his closest friend was in trouble and he came to help.
“Can you take care of my mother?”
Of course. 
That’s what friends are for.
max lucado<UNQUOTE
“A friend loves you all the time.”
Proverbs 17:17

I'm Sorry...

Two words we struggle to say: "I'm Sorry."

Family members (our spouse, kids, parents, siblings),loved ones, friends, are all God's gift to us.
No one is placed in our lives by mistake but it's God's grace & plan we are placed in certain families & meet people who bless us & who we can be a blessing to.
Let's not take them for granted but be a source of blessing to  them!
And be quick to say 'sorry' when we hurt others.
All this comes easy if God's love rules & reigns in our hearts.
We as humans sometimes find it so...difficult to love someone who is rude to us, forgive someone who repeatedly hurt us and say sorry when we hurt someone (our ego & pride stands in our way at times.). We need God's grace and help to do so.
The people in our lives are God's precious gift to us.
Be blessed..