Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'm Sorry...

Two words we struggle to say: "I'm Sorry."

Family members (our spouse, kids, parents, siblings),loved ones, friends, are all God's gift to us.
No one is placed in our lives by mistake but it's God's grace & plan we are placed in certain families & meet people who bless us & who we can be a blessing to.
Let's not take them for granted but be a source of blessing to  them!
And be quick to say 'sorry' when we hurt others.
All this comes easy if God's love rules & reigns in our hearts.
We as humans sometimes find it so...difficult to love someone who is rude to us, forgive someone who repeatedly hurt us and say sorry when we hurt someone (our ego & pride stands in our way at times.). We need God's grace and help to do so.
The people in our lives are God's precious gift to us.
Be blessed..