Monday, February 26, 2007

Be Hospitable...


Just a passing thought..

We just have this one life. Yesterday has gone & tomorrow may never be ours.

In this life we need to be loving and hospitable.

Hospitalities & loving enquiries are fast fading away in this fast & mordern world.

Time spent to know someone better or fellowship with loved ones & friends is thought to be a waste of time.

Let's take time to show people in our lives, we care.
E-Mails/SMS/E-cards are quick but nothing can beat a hand written letter or card.
Let's treat people we meet, with love, be concerned for them & make loving enquiries.

Let's invite friends, fellow brothers & sisters in Christ, loved ones over for a cup of tea/ dinner & let them know how blessed you are to know them.
Let's be kind to strangers too!
Who knows a stranger we meet along this life's journey may have been an angel of God!
Ever thought of that?
Let's not take others for granted, even strangers....!
Good Night