Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In memory of a best friend I had..

I had this friend called Annie in college. She was my best friend during the 4 years I was in college!
You know she was the 1st very best friend I had...
She was a hostelite and I still remember how she use to wait for me everyday and shared all her joys, hurts!
She used to see me as her sounding board and also trusted me.
She came from a troubled family & had never felt love at home. She was sent away to live in the hostel & study even as a kid.
I had to counsel her so often as she carried a lot of pain & hurt.
We've cried together, laughed together, we also had our share of misunderstandings.

For 4 years I was with her in college and after that did keep in touch with her through mails.
But after I got married & moved out of the state I grew up in, I lost touch with Annie.
I used to wonder how she was but no way to contact her as she too had married, moved away & I did not know where.
A Few years back I was so shocked to hear from a common friend that Annie had died in a Bus accident and her body was taken home in so many pieces.

This broke my know the first thought that crossed my mind was whether she had given her heart to Jesus!
During our college days we both didn't know the Lord personally even though we were from Christian families.
But I wasn't sure if she got to know our Lord personally as her Savior later on.
That made me think that we should never give up praying for friends who don't know Jesus Christ our Lord.

I would want to see Annie in Heaven I can only hope she was saved.
True Friends are so...precious ...let's treasure them and also keep praying for friends who do not know our Lord.
Today I thank God for all my friends  who have been a blessing to me and encourage me.
Below is a Tribute to Annie, a best friend I had and lost.
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I can't let go of treasured thoughts of you that lives in my heart.
My warm memories of you
will be with me all the days of my life,
and I will cherish every one of them.
I'll always remember your smile,
and the sadness you carried in your heart.
You smiled & covered up the pain you carried.
I'll remember the blessing you were to me..
I can't let the memories of our friendship go,
I remember even our small fights...
I often wonder if you knew JESUS as your Saviour.
And hope I'll see you someday on heaven's shore.

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All that remains of some relationships on earth are memories. 
These memories I so...treasure always.
People we love & care for are there today & gone tomorrow...
But their memories never fade.
It's not an achievement to make 100's of friends,
But it's a blessing to have one true, best friend who'll stay with you when 100's walk away.
Thoughts of Annie have been in my mind a lot these last few days and I penned this blog...
God Bless ,