Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Building relationships :Take time to reach out.(Annie's memories)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usEveryday we hear of so many tragic deaths, passing away of loved ones and wonder how life flutters away.
So many who were there yesterday are not there to see this day.
But the one who dies in Christ has the blessed assurance of eternal life and a home beyond the sky.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usDo our loved ones know about our Lord Jesus Christ?
 What have we done to share God's love with them.
Let's do all we can to share God's love with those close to us. Let's not put off for tomorrow what we can do today. Let's pray for the lost souls we know, TODAY.
Tomorrow may be too late.

Yesterday has gone, tomorrow may never be ours but 'Today' is God's gift to us.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWe sometimes get so.....caught up in our daily activities that we fail to see & appreciate the people in our lives.
Let's not take them for granted. Let's make our parents, spouse & kids feel they are special.
Let's not forget to kiss them good night, for tomorrow is not ours as yet.
Let's give them a hug & a kiss a they leave for work/ school or before we go out for the day for it's not guaranteed that we'll see each other in the evening.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usLet's remember to value our friends & leave them with good words so that we are fondly remembered.

I had this friend called Annie in college. She was my best friend during the 4 years I was in college & so beautiful too...!
After these 4 years I somehow lost touch with her & the next time I heard of her was around 4 years back. I was so shocked to hear from a common friend that Annie had died in a Bus accident & her body was taken home in so many pieces.
She was a hostelite when in college & I still remember how she use to wait for me everyday & shared all her joys, hurts!
She used to see me as her sounding board & also trusted me & shared her feelings with me.
She came from a troubled family & had never felt love at home. She was sent away to live in the hostel & study even as a kid.
I had to counsel her so often as she carried a lot of pain & hurt.
We've cried together, laughed together, we also had our share of misunderstandings.
When we had some misunderstanding, she was the one who used to reach out as she didn't want to loose this friendship we shared.
But 3 days before our final day in college (we had finished our graduation & were to part ways for good) we had an argument about something & I got mad at her.
(The sad thing is at that time both of us did not know JESUS as our personal Savior).
The 2nd last day when I went to college I passed around my autograph book to my class-mates to write a note for me...
This is what Ann wrote to me,
" What happened to our friendship Julie?? After all I am your Ann, why can't we forgive & forget everything. Please dear friend if at all I have hurt you by words or deeds please forgive me. Today I felt so...sad about our behavior. You were a nice friend & councilor too (still are). Cheer up Julie, only one more day. I'm sad & sorry about that fight. Wish you the best. "Yours Ann.
But I was really upset I didn't talk to her that day.
The next day was our last day...she came to me & said sorry again. we did hug & make up. but had just a little time to talk. That's the last I seen her.
We some how lost touch after that...(how I wish I had kept in touch!!)
Today she's no more.....That last note she wrote to me is the only thing I have with me.
When I heard she was dead...it broke my heart...you know the first thought that crossed my mind was whether she had given her heart to Jesus!
During our college days we both didn't know the Lord personally even though we were from Christian families.
But I wasn't sure if she got to know our Lord Jesus Christ personally as her Savior later on.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThat made me think that we should never give up praying for friends who don't know Jesus....I would want to see Annie in Heaven I can only hope she was saved.
True Friends are so...precious ...let's treasure them & also keep praying for friends who are lost....

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usLet's not miss an opportunity to show the people in our lives how special they are & how much we love them.
Let's be wiling to forgive when people hurt us & also be ready to say 'sorry' when we upset them. Let pride for make us too hard hearted.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo today let's thank God for all the people in our lives & value these treasured relationships.
Today let's take time to tell them we care.
Let's do all we can to share about God's love to those who are lost.

Too often we don't realize 

What we have until it is gone. 
Too often we wait too late to say 
"I'm sorry - I was wrong." 

Sometimes it seems we hurt the ones 
We hold dearest to our hearts; 
And we allow foolish things 
To tear our lives apart. 

Far too many times we let 
Unimportant things into our minds; 
And then it's usually too late 
To see what made us blind. 

So be sure that you let people know 
How much they mean to you. 
Take the time to say the words 
Before your time is through. 

Be sure that you appreciate 
Everything you've got; 
And be thankful for the little things 
in life that mean a lot. 

Have a Blessed day....
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