Monday, May 14, 2007

Building relationships: Unforgettable love language & love gestures.

Relationships are important in life, otherwise one is left feeling 'lonely'. Our Lord too is deeply concerned about every vital relationship of ours.
Even as Satan is out to steal, kill and destroy relationships, our Lord Jesus Christ stretches out His loving hands to heal, bind and restore relationships and make it stronger.
Some may say "All I need is my God", but we need family, friends, fellow believers on earth. We need company.
That's why when God created Adam He felt it was not good he was alone and created a mate for him, that's why he gave us family, friends, co-workers, fellow believers.
That's why God said 'Love your neighbors'! We are channels of God's love and His love should flow in and through us.
Love Language :
Love Language helps to build and strengthen relationships. They are words of encouragement, love, inspiration that can be a blessing and helps our loved ones.
It's not just saying 'I love you', 'I care for you' 'You are special to me',
But love language is more than just words.
O yes we need to tell the people in our life know how we feel about them.
But sometimes when we have no words a 'love gesture' says it all.
Unforgettable love gestures:
A hug, a smile, a gentle touch, a pat on the back, makes a lot of difference and reaches down to a person's soul.

Sometimes a look of the eyes can project love, care, warmth, and acceptance, for it mirrors the feelings of our heart...
A simple act of reaching out and holding the hands of a person who's hurting, shows them you care and eases their pain a bit.
Just being kind to someone makes them feel good.
Need to compliment others often(criticize less) and be truly appreciative.(Don't flatter)
A smile is powerful it's contagious.
So don't hold back a smile....
Find creative ways to show your parents, spouse, kids, friends, brothers/sisters, co-workers and neighbors that you love or care for them..
You can surprise your mom and dad with tickets to their favorite show this week end, or pay them a surprise visit. you can get mom or dad a gift not just for their birthday but just to tell them they mean a world to you.
Or you can get them a card or write them a note to tell them what you feel. It can be a note to say "sorry" or a note to appreciate.
I remember my kids when small used to write me small notes and leave it for me to read. Sometimes it was just a "I love you" or "Sorry ma I disobeyed you”.
They are precious memories.
We can in turn write to our kids too!
Offer to help a neighbor who's not well. You can take some hot home made food or offer to drop her kids in school or get something from the bazaar.
Give a surprise treat to a co-worker or a note of appreciation to your boss at the work-place when he/she least expects it.
Just think of creative and unforgettable ways to show the people in your life you truly appreciate them. Don't take them for granted.
Let God's love flow through you, the more you give the more you'll receive. If you love, you will be loved too!
Be hospitable and let your homes be a place were people you care for are always welcome. This helps to build and strengthen relationships.
Also take time one week-end to visit a senior citizen's home, spend time talking to the inmates, hold their hands, give them a hug, pray with them or just listen to them talk, they’ll cherish the time you spend with them!
Just treasure relationships down here on earth and make it your goal to be a blessing to someone everyday!
Be Blessed,