Friday, March 27, 2009

~FULL SURRENDER~ Our Lord deserves our ALL or nothing at all...

Hi friends, brothers and sisters in Christ 
This is a poem I read many years back and it so....blessed me.
We give God our all...or nothing at all!
Be blessed,

My heart has a hundred rooms or more,
I kept the keys to every door;
And then one day the lord found me ,
And asked if He might have the keys.
I nodded yes and turned my back,
To take one small key off the pack,
A key to an attic room so.... small,
I thought it didn't matter at all.
I turned around thinking what to say,
But all too late He had gone away;
My heart sank deep down to my feet,
A voice called me a cheat.
Another day my Lord passed by,
I saw the hurt look in His eyes;
I flung every key at HIS wounded feet,
And O the joy inexpressibly sweet.
  By Elizabeth. M. Forstner