Sunday, May 30, 2010

Benefits of green Tea (Compiled)

Here is good recipe green tea If you use green tea like this it will help in weight loss.
Just try this Green TEA
water...................5 Cups
cinnimum stick.............................2inch piece
ginger.....................................2 inch piece
GREEN TEA...............................HALF TSP
SAUNF......................................HALF TSP
AJWAIN................................A pinch
(Ajwain relieves gas and spasms and has an antiseptic effect in the intestinal canal. The use of its seeds has been found effective in the treatment of gas, indigestion, colic and hysteria.)
1) boil 5 cups of  water
2) Take off flame
3) add all the ingredients and cover
4) pour this tea in a flask or any jug
don't strain.
5) Drink these 5 cups 5 times in a day.
add lemon if you want to.
but also drink 12 glass water/day
Some Tips:
1) Never boil green tea together your water. You will lose all your vitamin and minerals from the green tea. bonk
2) always wash the green tea, Means:
- put green tea in the cup
- pour half cup of boiling water
- wait for 10 seconds
- then throw the water (it's to remove all those dust or chemical on the green tea)
- then pour hot water. After 2 minutes you can drink it !
Remember: the taste will become more bitter when you keep it longer
3) Don't shake or stir or mix the tea.
4) You can only recycle the green tea once
5) Always use ceramic cup or glass. Never use plastic cup to brew your green tea!
6) Buy leafy green tea it's better than green tea powder.
Advantages of Drinking Green Tea for Weight Loss:1) Green tea revs up your metabolism.
2) Green tea may help reduce appetite
It's said that it also MAY help in...
- prevent & fight cancer
- lose weight
- fight and prevent diabetes
- reduce blood pressure
- lower cholesterol
- detoxify the body
- prevent & fight arthritis
- prevent & fight allergy
- boost immune system
- protect the liver
- protect the heart
- slower ageing
- relieve stress
- enhance physical performance & etc
Disadvantages of Drinking Green Tea For Weight Loss:1) Green tea is not a magic bullet
While some people will tell you that green tea is the be-all-end-all for weight loss success, I think the keyword here is balance. You’re not going to eat 5000 calories a day, drink a cup of green tea and make it all go away – it just isn’t going to happen. A healthy diet and increased exercise will go a long way in helping you lose weight and keep it off.
2. Be cautious of the caffeine if you have health problems
For some people that have heart troubles, high blood pressure or stimulant sensitivities, the caffeine in green tea may not be the best idea. If you’re worried about the caffeine from green tea, try taking green tea extract. Most green tea extract is made from decaffeinated green tea so you can still get the weight loss benefits without the caffeine.
Cautions and Suggestions about Drinking Tea
•        People with stomach problems should drink light green tea and only do so after meals.
•        Pregnant woman should limit their tea drinking –no more than 2 servings (4 grams) of green tea per day.
•        When you are starving, avoid drinking tea. Tea will enhance your metabolism and makes you feel hungrier; sometimes, it might make you nauseated.
•        If you are taking medicine, do not use tea water to help you swallow the pills. Tea may interact with the medicine.
•        Do not drink too much tea at night before you go to bed. Not only will the caffeine in tea
keep you awake, the water you take in will wake you up.
•        Generally, do not let kids (younger than 12) drink tea if they are not used to caffeine. If
let them drink, only allow them to drink light green tea and only during the day.
•        Do not drink tea left over from the previous day.
•        Try to brew tea in cups made of china, glass, earth pot or stainless steel containers. If
use paper cup, use specially designed cups for brewing tea. Do not keep tea in the paper cup
for too long. Drink it as soon as possible.
•        Never brew tea using foam cups. Tea will interact with it and generates harmful
•        When green tea is brewed, it should be light green. If it is brown or dark after brewing,
do not drink it.
•        Clean teacups or pots immediately after tea is served. Otherwise it is very hard to clean
•        To maximize green tea benefits, do not add sugar to the tea.
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