Sunday, April 22, 2012

Renewing relationship with parents.

There are kids who have strained relationship with parents, right??
God wants to restores & renews this vital relationship.
Some practical tips to help kids reach out to your parents....
Pass it on to all who have parents~~~
  • Love & honor your parents for it's God's command.
  • Accept correction when you are wrong.
  • If you hurt them say sorry. If you can't say it then you can leave a note for mom on her kitchen table or for dad in his bag or shirt pocket.
  • Don't return your parent's love with cold ingratitude.
  • When you see your mother's tears or father's sighs, find out what's bothering them & try to help hem, encourage them, pray for them.
  • Ask not what your parents can do for you but what you can do for them. Be helpful at home, run errands for them cheerfully & not out of compulsion. You can accompany mom to the bazaar, help dad to fix things at home.
  • Look out for ways & means to make them happy. Remember their birthdays & anniversary & give them cards or gifts or a surprise party!
  • Don't expect to get all you want.Be prepared to accept a 'NO'. Look at the less fortunate kids around you & you'll be satisfied with what you have.
  • Never do anything to betray their trust.When your parents loose faith in you, you've lost a lot
  • If mom or dad yell at you..pause a moment & ask yourself....
a)Why are they shouting?
b)Is it really my mistake?
c) May be mom/ dad is sick or depressed!
d)Will my shouting back help to ease the situation?
It's better to explain to them after they cool down if it's not your mistake or say 'sorry' & accept correction.
  • Be concerned if you parents are sick, take them to the doctor, see if they take their medicines on time.
  • Communicate with them & build a good friendship with them. A simple act of reaching out , holding their hands, giving them a hug or a kiss will make so much of a difference...!
  • Don't be irritable & complaining at all times.
  • Your loving smile, encouraging words, self sacrificing love will have a positive influence on them.
Dear children will you commit to renew your relationship with your parents?
If 'YES' then the Holy Spirit will help you draw close to your mom & dad & narrow the generation gap.
God Bless you !