Saturday, May 12, 2012

★My hearts prayer..★~Author unknown~

My hearts prayer..
~Author unknown~
(But it's my hearts prayer too..)
Abba Father,...
٠•●There are times Lord when there is so much in me. So many things that I can't put into words, I only feel them, I know you feel them too.
  ٠•● I know in those times when no one seems to understand me Lord, or get me, that you do. My heart longs for that feeling that spreads through me when you come to me. 
  ٠•● When a heartfelt whisper brings about Your Presence and all the troubles and sorrows of this world fade. 
There are so many that have yet to experience this feeling, this peace. 
  ٠•● Lord, I pray to be a vessel used by you to be able to show them how to find You.
  ٠•● Let my light shine so brightly and my prayers be fervent to you for the lost, for the dying , for those that so need to find their way to You.
٠•● Use me Lord in the most magnificent or the tiniest of ways to further your kingdom on earth. 
  ٠•● Let my words be yours and my voice be yours ringing out in your truth, Peel away the layers of pain that keep me bound to what hurts me and let me be free so that I can sing of your glory to be found once I've gotten completely out of Your way and allow You to live in me. ٠•●♥Keep this hunger fed by your Word and my thirst quenched by the truth of you in my life. 
  ٠•● Lord stay close to me and hold me through the rough times and rejoice and dance with me through the good times as we grow closer through a relationship where both of us offer to the other just want we want and need, each other. 
  ٠•● Lord help me to keep your spirit alive and breathing in me, to stoke the embers into flames and to reach out with that spirit inside me to love in the way that you would want of me.  ٠•● Make me more like You, Lord. Take all the pieces that are broken and do with them as you will to make me whole in your name so that I can shout to the hills of your glory. 
  ٠•● Help me see that in my praise and worship of you, in my reaching out to others, I get past me. It's You I seek and You I need, it's You I cry out for through the tears and You that comes when I call.
٠•● You're always there, always. No matter what I go through or too, you've gone before me. You made a way, You are the way. 
  ٠•● Help me to love me. To know that I am loveable and loved and that the greatest love I will ever know I already have, it's in You. Help me cloak myself in that love and heal in that love and hold onto that love with everything in me. 
٠•● Help me breathe in the goodness of you and the truth of you and to reflect and give back both to others. Let not my brokenness be in vain, but used as a way to bring to You all the glory.
That's my hearts prayer Lord.
In Jesus Name Amen