Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life sure is not always a bed of roses...

 Life sure is not always a bed of roses nor is it a continuous walk on thorns but a combination of both.
 Alphonse Kerr said,"Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns. I am thankful that thorns have roses."
 Difficult times don't last for ever.
 .•。Jeremiah 31:13 "Then young women will dance and be glad, young men and old as well. I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow." 
 *¨`*•..¸Family is surely a school where God teaches us many things and develops the "Fruit of the Spirit" in us.
 As mothers most of our lives is spent helping kids with home work, pressing on, believing, holding on in faith, praying, paying bills, making beds, fixing breakfast and lunch etc.
 Some moms manage the home and a job outside.
Bringing up kids is not all fun and marriage sure is not a life long date but it's truly rewarding and fulfilling!
 There are times of joy and times of tears. 
 There will be ups and downs.
 Times of lack and times of plenty.
 There will be times of endless talking and times of long silence.
But when we hold on together through the pushes and pulls of life the end is rewarding.
 It's a joy to see kids grow, it is satisfying to see relationship with kids and spouse be strengthened through years.
 *¨`*•..¸ Our spiritual walk too is not easy. God did not promise we will not face the enemy's attack but promised to see us through and said we are more than conquerors!
 Looking back we can thank God not just for good times but also for the storms and thorns because it's the tough times that has made us stronger and so it is worth it all. 
And God makes everything work for our best and binds us with cords of love that cannot be broken!
 .•。Isaiah 35:1[ The Future Glory of Zion ] The wilderness and the wasteland shall be glad for them,And the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose; ..

 When God allows us to pass through testing times we should know we'll come out stronger and better.Let's learn to walk through the desert praising God. 
 Soon the dry deserts in our lives too will bloom.
 God permits these desert walk so that we learn to cope with pain, rejection, misunderstanding, loss, death etc
 Let's thank God for the good and bad times, for the roses and thorns, for times of plenty and times of want. Our Lord is faithful to see us through and bring us victorious!
 Be Blessed,