Friday, March 22, 2013

Behind every tear there is a story...

Hi..Family and friends....

Greetings from India....
God speaks in ways that are amazing..
 I read this poem written by: 
Raymond Anthony Fernando and was so..blessed..
I learnt a valuable lesson. 
Here is the poem:
Today, if someone is rude or impatient 
I will continue to maintain a healthy relation 
Today, if someone discriminates 
I will not engage him in a debate 

Today, if I come across fair weathered friends 
I will treat them as past tense 
In my heart, I will silently ask God to bless those who are insincere 
Even though their hurtful actions bring to my eyes many a tear 

Today, if someone spreads gossip or slander 
I will stretch out my hand to him like a brother 
For today, I will not strike back or retaliate 
For in God, I have full faith 

Today, I will share the sorrow of any individual 
For today, I yearn to find ways to make this a better world 
Today, I will forgive any hurts or injuries that come my way 
For today, I must make someone’s day 

Today, I will give them my smile, my support 
Even though, in the past, my kindness, many forgot
Today, I will praise the Lord with all my heart and soul For His mighty hand can create miracles, the bible has told 

Today, I will thank God for the food on my plate 
And ask that he always keep me in a healthy state 
Today, is a so special to me and my wife 
Because for 27 years, Doris, you have given me such a fulfilling life 
Raymond Anthony Fernando 
.copyright raymondfernando

Isn't that good?

Yes behind every tear is a story, some may 
be genuine and some fake but when we judge quickly we wound the hurting...:(
How often we listen to stories about people 

and pass it on to others without even trying 

to find out the fact.
How many hearts we may have 

wounded by spreading false rumours without 

stopping by to find out if the message we 

heard was true.
How many hearts we broke because 

we choose to listen to the "lie" of the 

There are some out there who have been 

hurt and abused.

Their life has a story we are not aware of.
We have not walked their path so we really 

don't know the facts.
Instead of reaching out to help we are 

quick to judge and label

It's sad...
So in future let's think twice before we accuse a fellow brother or sister. Our false judgement and accusation can end up as a costly blow to that person for no fault of his/hers.
Even if they are struggling with sin we need 

to see how we can help them get out of the 

enemy's snare.

We can pray with them and for them.

But if some one keeps sinning repeatedly,we 

ought to warn him!
We need to be careful not to talk about and uncover past sins or mistakes  of our fellow believers which our Lord Jesus Christ has forgiven and forgotten long back.

"Lord give us your love in our hearts to love 

everyone like you loved, to pray for those 

who persecute us, not be quick to judge 

others as we may not really know what the 

truth is.

Love you Lord,

 In Jesus Name,


Change our hearts O Lord...
Be blessed