Friday, March 29, 2013

Stop and pause and be refreshed...

Everyday we find there are so many jobs to do. No matter who we are, a professional, home maker, student  the chores seem endless.
But in midst of all the running around, we need to stop everything once in a while, sit back, deep breath and just do something to relax ourselves. Even if we are at work in office we can stop a while to feel refreshed. May be we can just sit or just stretch ourselves a bit, or sit back and sip a hot cup of coffee.
We can listen to some good music or just close your eyes a while. If you have a lovely view outside your window, sit by a while & look at the flowers, birds, enjoy the beauty around you, watch the kids laugh and play.
Doing too much and working for many hours without rest makes us feel physically and mentally stressed out, this causes physical ailments too!
Relaxing a bit sure helps to ease the work pressure and helps you get back to work with fresh energy.
Life is precious and so short, let's take time midst our busy schedule to relax a bit and be refreshed.
Do take time to enjoy God's gift of time, once in a while or you'll just miss the joy it brings.
Have a beautiful weekend.
May Our Lord Jesus Christ's presence refresh your mind and heart and make life worth living!