Monday, April 15, 2013

Children are a blessing...

Children are a gift and heritage from the Lord. It's a blessing to have them around and see them grow, study and excel. I thank God for even their fall and failures it has made them tough and strong. 
God has helped them every step of their way. 
Finally they finished their education and started working. Now they are not at home as they often used to be. 
It's a proud moment to see them stand on their own feet. It's nice to hear them say, "Now I'll pay your mobile bill', "I'll book your tickets" " I'll buy what you want." and give us pocket money..:) etc. But we sure miss them around. 
During the day I miss my daughter (who's out on her job) not being there to listen to me, pray with me, help me with my daily work.
 Miss my son (who's also out during the day on job) who's a handy man around home to fix the Computer, run errands  or pay bills. 
But I'm happy to see them where they are today.
 May God bless our kids. God bless our spouse. 
I thank God also for my husband too. 
Family is God's gift to us. 
Let's treasure every vital relationship. 
God bless you all.