Sunday, April 21, 2013

What is abuse? by Becky

I'm not trying to define abuse here. Its been done too many times already and most girls are probably told a gazillion times over what it means.
But I do want to refine the definition of abuse.
Many often believe that a girl is abused when her virginity is stolen from her or when she has been taken advantage of sexually. True.
But let me stretch this a bit further. Not many are aware that emotional abuse rates higher than sexual abuse these days among young girls.
What things qualify for emotional abuse?
* If any man (young or old, friend or relative, handsome or not) leads you to believe that he loves you when HE REALLY DOESN'T, disassociate yourself with this person.
* If any a person you are in a relationship with always demands things of you, requires you to do stuff for them and if you are doing it willing in the name of LOVE, you're in for a big surprise............its NOT LOVE!
* If any person you are in a relationship with disregards your desires, wants, wishes and has an EGO that rules the relationship, my friend, you're being abused!!!
* VERY IMPORTANT: If any person makes you believe that he loves you and leads you to sexual talk and activity very often, its time to get alert and call it quits.
* If a person that you respect, look up to or admire and love in a clean way (relatives, leaders, employers, professors) starts talking personal and intimate stuff.....its time to draw the lines and stop speaking to the person.
* If a person makes you think its your fault that he has sexually used you, that's emotional abuse of the worst degree!
I can go on with the list but the point is not to intimidate you but to make you aware.
Always remember, its never too late to talk to someone or to walk out of an emotionally abusive relationship.