Thursday, May 2, 2013

"If only"...Imagined by Misty

"If only" . . . , I say these words
time and time again.
Wishing something in my life . . .
     had not been as it had been.

"If only" . . . I could change things.
"If only" . . . that could be . . .
What many ways would life have left
a different view of me?

"If only" . I had taken that road instead of this.
"If only".. I had taken time to give that needed kiss.
It would only take a moment to caress that loving hand.
To say the words that mattered when today I know I can.

"If only" . . . I could change the past,
how different would it be?
Would I realize and understand? Would I truly see?
"If only" .for a moment, you could step into the past.
"If only" for a moment . . .for we know it cannot last.
How clearly you can see . . .what life has brought your way.
To have taken just one different path . . .
would've changed more than that day.
It would have made your journey through the many days ahead,
different in so many ways . where might it all have lead?

Our thoughts are often filled . . .with this tiny, little phrase.
"If only . . ." cannot make it so or change what is today.
"If Only's" . . . steal hours from today  making it a blur.

When what really matters is now, not thoughts of 'what we were'.
"If only"..I can hold that truth take it with me to today . . .
let go of all the pain and doubts,
. . . and then I'll kneel and pray.

"Thank you, Father, . . .for the many plans you laid.
The loving ways I did not see . . . as you brought me through
my yesterdays . . . safely to today. Please don't let the choices
that I make today . . .turn into "If Only's . . .
somewhere along the way.

I hear your voice inside my heart...with words that ring so true.
"If Only . . .you will take My hand . . .
I'll guide and comfort you."