Friday, January 1, 2016

Such family portraits getting rarer by the day!!

Such family portraits are rare to see in this present age that promotes nuclear family life style to be the best!

Such pictures are just on special occasions.
Let not modern lifestyle, nuclear family system, influence and overtake #BiblicalValues and #biblicalstandards.

 In Biblical times and in the past, elders were the most revered members of a family.

Leviticus 19:32 ‘You shall rise before the gray headed and honor the presence of an old man, and fear your God: I am the LORD."
If today we can't see eye to eye with those close to us, how can we dream of spending an eternity with them?

Abba Father enjoyed a daily fellowship with Adam and Eve; He loved to walk and talk with them in the Garden of Eden!
After fall of man, man had lost that fellowship with God and family relationships got strained. Respect for the aged was lost
★ But Jesus Christ came to restore the hearts of fathers to children and children to fathers and also turn hearts to Abba Father.
Malachi 4: 5 says, "See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse".

  God wants to see His kingdom come on earth today, as it is in Heaven!
May God take us back to the ancient paths and help us understand and value every vital relationship.
Every relationship on earth matters to God!

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