Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Being there for the aged and elderly in our midst!

Thara (who is like my daughter) and me, visited a senior citizen's home this evening. 
Met a 91 year old gentleman there, He asked our names etc. When we told him we just stopped by to say "Hello" to him, he was so..happy. He looked to be from a very good family but said how he does feel lonely now etc. !
When we asked him if we could get him something he liked to eat next time, he said, "No. I get all here" but requested we go meet him whenever we can! 
When we prayed for him and about to leave he 1st held Thara's hands & then my hands and spoke blessing over us! This was priceless! 
What a blessing it was for us!
This reminded of how and why the blessings of the elderly in a family was so important in Biblical times.
This gentleman reminded us, "We all will grow old one day and some don't know that." and sighed!
When we asked another elderly, "What do you want?" the reply was "I want you both to come again." (brought tears in our eyes)
Came home thinking of how true this is! 
When old all one needs is God and people who loved and cared around!
This is the valuable lesson we both learnt today.
May the Lord bless the aged, elderly in our midst!
Good Night,