Monday, June 6, 2016

An Interesting Conversation I had with someone on Indian Politics:

This is my 1st political blog! As some of you know when dad was alive, he was a Congress supporter, a congress worker who served the party (and also served in the Church) with dedication all his life, so win or lose, I am an INC supporter and always will be!
I walk dad's path .....

Here below is an Interesting Conversation I had with someone on Indian Politics:

The other day, someone asked me "Why do you still support Congress a 'Sinking ship'"? 
I answered, "Because the ship may be struggling to stay afloat now, but it has sailors who are strong, well informed, have faced many storms together, so will get their hands and heads together with the Captain and see it pass through the storm. You think we are underwater? You are mistaken! We still are afloat! You think our sailors are tired? Some may be bowed down but will rise up stronger!" 
This person said, "But many sailors are abandoning this ship to save their lives." 
I said, "True sailors & warriors stay, let the fence sitters go. Anyways it is hard times that show who are committed. A true "sailor" not only stays around in the most difficult time but will steer us back to ground! A few true "sailors", "warriors" "volunteers" "workers" "leaders" who stay by us through our difficult and dark times, are better than many fairweather followers, who fade away in our hard times." 
This person asked, "So you will support Congress always?" 
I said, "You doubt that? Look at the ideology of this party, the heritage it has left behind, no party stands in comparison to it. I am and will be a Congress supporter!" 
I added, "I don't say the Congress party never failed, has no flaws or has made no mistakes. Who is perfect on earth? But place all the political parties in a plater and ask me to pick one, it will be INC (Indian National Congress)!"
Finally this person said, "You sure are a diehard Congress Supporter!" I said, "You said it right!" 
__End of Conversation___

Quote: "Hard'ship' steers us towards our real strengths" To any INC (Indian National Congress) leader, member, supporters, worker, volunteers, warriors, gatekeeper, flag bearer, cheerleader, SM activists reading this I would say, "it is not over, all is not lost, keep giving your best and be the change you want to see around. Soon we will gain the lost grounds one step at a time, one seat at a time. Let each of us be the change we want to see around." 
Always an INC supporter,

(Juliyana Leslie)

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