Monday, June 30, 2008

Life is short...this moment matters.

Hi Family and friends...

Psalm 39:4, " Lord remind me how brief my time on earth will be, remind me my days are numbered & my life is fleeing away."
This scripture always reminds me, how short our life is and how we need to treasure every moment of it.
Life is a fast runner it will be gone soon.
Enjoy and treasure every moment...
Give it your best shot in all you do.
God Bless each of you,

This Moment Matters.
Precious moment, help me to not waste
you by attacking the great big world,
searching for all answers, for some solutions...
Help me to not weigh you down
with a negative thought,
a thoughtless word or action...

Help me remember that how well I use you
will determine my subsequent
moments, my hours, my days...
Help me remember that you are fleeting,
rushing, soon gone into eternity and
could take my existence with you...

So help me grasp you,
relish you, savor the inner peace
you afford me....
Help me use you to begin afresh,
if no more than to take a quick glimpse
into how I might use this rare opportunity...

To convince myself that I want to
live, live, live, and possibly,
feel another glorious moment like you..