Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Life is a fast Runner

Psalm 39:4, " Lord remind me how brief my time on earth will be, remind me my days are numbered & my life is fleeing away."
This above scripture always reminds me, how short our life is and how we need to treasure every moment of it.
Life is a fast runner it will be gone soon.
So wanted to pen this down.
Let's not take people in our lives for granted.
Let's take time to aappreciate and love them.
We need to treasure our family, loved ones and friends, who knows today may be our last day on earth.
Kids are gifts from God, let's invest our best in them when they are around, so that they'll remember it all their life.
Let's love them unconditionally.
Kids to need to love and honor their parents and elders and not be indifferent to their love and concern.
We need to give the best to our loved ones & extended family members..remember their birthdays, anniversaries, visit them when they are sick.
Today let us refresh others with a smile, a loving word, a whispered prayer, a word of encouragement to someone, or a warm hug.It may be a small act for us but valuable to the one who receives.
Even as we refresh someone God will refresh us!!Let's spread the love of God around, even as we give God will pour more and more of HIS love within us. 
PROVERBS 11:25," A generous man will prosper . He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed."
If we have friends who have blessed our life, let's treasure them no matter what because they are God's gift to us!
You see we have to learn to treasure every relationships in our lives, with our parents, our spouse, our kids, our brothers & sisters (our own & spiritual) & friends .
For God's given these relationships on earth to bring joy and happiness and help us in this short life on earth. I have learnt that the family God put me in, my parents, my 2 sisters are God's choice for me and so treasured them.
Later as I grew up I met a lot of people in my life, some just were people who passed by, who touched my life for a moment & moved away.
But there is my hubby, kids, extended family and dear friends who have entered my world in a special way to stay in my life and heart always.
I value each of them for the way they've touched my life. Each of them have a a part in making me a better individual.
It's not been easy, all relationships have had their times of trouble but I wouldn't want to loose any of the people in my life...NO MATTER WHAT!!!!
Let's not give up on people we love, though there will come testing and troubled times.
Let's hold on, God will restore all troubled and broken relationship. HE IS A GOD OF RESTORATION!!!
Also let's love and honor men and women of God who sow spiritual blessings in our life.
Let's take time to thank our Pastors,spiritual mentors.
This earth is our temporary residence, let's hold on lightly to the things of the world, love the people God gave us with all our heart, give the best in the job we do to earn our living.
Let people of God in business sell quality products and see to customer satisfaction.
We should be people of credibility.
Our mission to win souls for JESUS should always be our 1st priority on earth and of course we need to take time out to read God's word, meditate on it and  keep praying at all times.
Someone said..."The cultured give and forgive,
The uncultured get and forget".

Let's always be willing to 'give' and 'forgive'.
Let's be ever willing to share our blessings, time & all that we can give to those in need.
Sometimes it's just a 'listening ear' someone needs, are we willing to give a few of our precious moments to listen to them?
Let's not hoard blessings nor harbor un forgiveness.
Be Blessed
" You can't speak a kind word too soon, For you never know how soon it will be too late."

" Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today."