Thursday, January 13, 2011

A friend in Christ loves at all times....

 The Bible in Proverbs
17:17 says, " A friend loves at all times,"
 When God says something He means it. Friendships within the Kingdom lasts a life time & we continue to fellowship as a family in God's presence, even after this life is gone.
I always believed friends we find within the Kingdom will be our friend always.
But I guess there are chances we'll meet people within the safe wall of the Kingdom, who'll make us believe they are our friends & when we get to trust them they disappear.
You know it takes a lot of Understanding, Trust & Time,to gain a true friendship in Christ. And true friends in Christ don't leave you when the going gets tough. If they did, remember they were not your friend at all. May be they just made you believe a lie.
What kind of friend are you & I ??
There's a vast difference between knowing people & being a true friend. 'The greatest evidence of genuine friendship is loyalty( loving at all times).
True Godly love, as said in

1 CORINTHIANS 13:7 "It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."
Godly love has no lust but it's pure!!
A Godly friend will always think good for his/her friend.  They always will protect, trust, hope & persevere. They will always take time to listen, be concerned for us & our family & never turn a cold shoulder.
They stand by us, not just in good times but in bad times too. They are ever ready to forgive, tho' we fail them a 100 times because they have the love of JESUS in them.
 If friends we trusted, hurt us , let us down and betray our trust, let's not get discouraged or be angry with them. Let's pray for them. Pray God will pour His love more & more...

Too many people are 'Fair weather friends'.
They stick around when the friendship helps them & leave when they get nothing out of the relationship.
Are we fair weather friends or true friends??
If we find a Godly friend, let's be 'loyal' and 'kind'. Value the goodness in them. Friends are easy to find. They are just a click away , we see that here  on-line.
But true, Godly friends are rare jewels, treasure them. It's better to have a couple of true Godly friends than have a many acquaintances who just don't care.
When you find true friends keep them for they are precious assets!
Don't seek friendship with the world, then we may end up being drawn away from Christ.
Instead of wishing we find true friends, we could be the friend, God wants us to be.
Be Blessed,