Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Perfect Love: Compiled


Before the very dawn of time,
Before the earth was round;
Before there was a sight to see,
Or what we know as sound...

God formed you then, within is His mind,
With expertise and care;
He planned each detail in advance,
He numbered every hair.
He picked your very temperament,
He planned your every day;
He knew exactly what you'd do
And just what you would say.
He chose you then to be His own.
To live with Him on high;
He wrote you on His very palms.
The apple of His eye.
He made you gifts to pleasure you,
To brighten up your eyes;
He made the earth, He made the sea,
He made the endless skies.
To bring you joy, HE made the birds,
To see you smile, the flowers;
To comfort you when things go wrong
He made the springtime showers.
He gave HIS angels a command
To guard in all you do,
Because you're precious in His sight
He did all this for you.
And when He saw you steeped in sin,
With love personified
He cloaked Himself in human flesh ,
Came down to earth, and died.
With His own blood He paid the price,
He washed your sins away;
With love so great it conquered death,
HE rose on the third day.
And now He sits upon His throne
In heaven above;
He's waiting there to hold you close,
And all because of Love!

John 3: 16"For God so loved the world that he gave his one

 and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish
but have eternal life.
You Ask Why I Follow This Jesus?

You ask why I follow this Jesus?
Why I love Him the way I do?
When the world's turned away from His teachings
And the people who serve Him are few.

It's not the rewards I'm after
Or gifts that I hope to receive
It's the Presence that calls for commitment.
It's the Spirit I trust and believe.

The Lord doesn't shelter His faithful
Or spare them all suffering and pain,
Like everyone else I have burdens,
And walk through my share of rain.

Yet He gives me a plan and a purpose,
And that joy only Christians have known,
I never know what comes tomorrow,
But I do know I'm never alone...

It's the love always there when you need it;
It's the words that redeem and inspire,
It's the longing to ever be with Him
That burns in my heart like a fire.

So you ask why I love my Lord Jesus?
Well, friend, that's so easy to see,
But the one thing that fills me with wonder is
Why Jesus loves someone like me.

(Posted by Total surrender on MySpace)