Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When was the last time?

God has blessed each of us with a family. Some are there with us, some live far away and some are no more!!
When was the last time you did something special for your mom/dad/spouse/daughter/son/sister/brother/grand-parents?
When was the last time...

  • you gave mom a hug

  • Gave her a call to ask her how she's doing?? 

  • you told her you loved her?

  • you showed her you care?

  • you wiped her tear away when she cried?

  • you seen her sigh and asked her what was bothering her?

  • you happily ran an errand for her?

  • you gave her a gift?

  • you seen her sick and took care of her?

  • you prayed for her or with her?

  • you told her 'sorry' for hurting her?

  • you rendered to her the honor and respect that was due to her?

  • you talked to her kindly?

  • you helped her with house-hold chores?

  • you felt indebted to her for taking care of you as a child?
    Today take time to make your mom (if she's still around) (and don't forget dad!) feel special...
    Tomorrow may be too late!
Trust this blessed you,