Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Keep smiling....

We believe in what we see more than what we hear. We need to smile a lot & have a pleasant  expression!

A simple sincere smile even when we are stressed out, help to keep our testimony.
How blessed are people who bring smiles our way and how much our smiles can bless someone....

A Rupee(dollar) is easy to earn....But a SMILE is hard to find...
A Rupee(dollar )looses it's value...But SMILE adds value to life!
You know how...?
You see we may loose few rupees(dollars) buying a gift/flowers or making a phone call to a loved one..
But who cares if you've won their smile...!
If we frown, yell and shout when stressed out, we end up loosing our testimony!

A pleasant look can go a long way towards leaving a good impression.
We need to avoid arrogant, irritated  look and an artificial smile..

If a friend or neighbor dropped in at a time we least expected and we tell her with an irritated look or a frown on our face..."Oh I'm so glad you came!" would she believe it? or would we feel nice about it? No way!
Let a smile come from the heart and be sincere!.
Smile not because life is full of reason to smile...

But because your smile may be a reason for someone elses smile &It softens even the hardened of hearts. 
A simple sincere smile also soothes a hurting heart.
We can smile a lot for it costs us nothing
Keep smiling!