Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spend quality time with parents, elders and grand-parents

Life is busy but let's not miss out quality time with our moms, dads, grand parents. They won't be around forever.
Be blessed,
Too often we don't realize 
What we have until it is gone. 
Too often we wait too late to say 
"I'm sorry - I was wrong." 

Sometimes it seems we hurt the ones 
We hold dearest to our hearts; 
And we allow foolish things 
To tear our lives apart. 

Far too many times we let 
Unimportant things into our minds; 
And then it's usually too late 
To see what made us blind. 

So be sure that you let people know 
How much they mean to you. 
Take the time to say the words 
Before your time is through. 

Be sure that you appreciate 
Everything you've got; 
And be thankful for the little things 
in life that mean a lot.
(Poet: Unknown)