Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stay connected and in touch...

Our mom/dad/parents may be living far way but we sure can call them daily once or as often as we can just to find our how they are doing and  if we live close by visit them whenever we can and run some errands for them.
They took care of us as children and now in their old age  they just need to know they are loved and cared for!
They may have all the comforts but still long to hear the voice of their children and grand children.
My mom lives far away but waits for my call daily. 
Every time we cook something special at home or there is a celebration at home, I always miss my mom, who lives in South India. Would love to share a meal with her more often and make her a part of our celebrations and only wish she lived close by....
Everyday when I call her she'll be excited and say.."Julia....!".
Distance makes it impossible to see mom often, but I'm glad we can talk daily!
Thank God for the mobiles/telephone etc!!
Be blessed