Saturday, January 11, 2014

Where would we have been?

When we were in the depth of sin, lost and darkness...
Someone somewhere or so many  sure were praying for you and me!
That helped our eyes being opened to the truth!
Where would we be if our sin(s) were constantly be thrown in our face over and over and over!
Where would we have been if we had only been accused but never prayed for...?
Where would we have been if were only condemned for our sin and never shown the right way?
Where would we be if people only pointed a finger at our faults and never picked us up when we fell.
Thank God for people who have prayed us through, guided us, ministered to us, corrected us, shown us the right way, picked us up when we fell...and encouraged us and never gave up on us!
May God bless each soul that helps us in our spiritual walk...
 Encouragement, sure costs nothing to give,
But priceless to receive.
Our timely word can bring healing and comfort to people...
A whisper of prayer can make a ton of difference...!!!
Have a blessed weekend...