Sunday, January 19, 2014

May we be slow to judge and quick to pray!

It is sad how easily we form our opinion of people from what we hear from others before even trying to get to know that person and knowing what the truth really is. (I have done it :( some times too!)
What we hear may not always be correct because they just may be repeating what they heard or felt... 
For our eyes and ears may deceive us.
 It's Proverbs 25:7b & 8a"....what you've seen with your eyes do not bring hastily to court....."
 Proverbs 25:9b " not betray another man's confidence..."
Even if it is true we need to pray for that person and see how we can help that person before we judge and gossip!

Lord help us to be people who are slow to judge and quick to pray and always ready to help lift the fallen and steady a faltering step!
In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ our Lord,