Sunday, January 19, 2014

Have you been misunderstood?

Have you been misunderstood? 
Read the following written by: M.S.Lowndes 
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Read Matthew 26: 59-68 
If anyone knows what it's like to be misunderstood, Jesus does. As we read here, these witnesses that came forth testified that Jesus said He could tear down the temple and build it up again in three days. Yes, Jesus did say that (in John 2:18-22), but He was referring to His own death and resurrection. The others misunderstood what He meant. They thought He was referring to the temple building where they worshiped. Many misunderstood who He was, and why He came.
So often in life, we too are misunderstood. It can be really frustrating, and even damage relationships if the misunderstanding gets passed around. I have found that when someone hears even just one negative thing about a person, it taints his or her entire view of that person, and often it is over a misunderstanding. I have also found that once a person’s view of someone else is tainted, everything they hear about the person (as in gossip), just adds to the all-round view they have of them.
Yet, what about truth? 
Where does truth come into this? 
We need to exercise discernment and sort out the 'lies’ from the ‘truth’, the misunderstanding from the ‘facts’.
★ If you are one that has been misunderstood, then take heart . Jesus understands how you feel. 
Pray that the truth will be made known, and the explanation (either by you or someone else), will shed some light . You don't have to feel alone in this. God knows the truth and He knows your heart. Leave it with Him!
A truthful witness saves lives , but a deceitful witness speaks lies [and e
ndangers lives ].
~ Proverbs 14:25~
When we have been misunderstood
Lord help us to convey
The truth so they will understand
What we have tried to say
By M.S.Lowndes