Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rebuke the Oppressor by Benjamin Nolot

Valuable thoughts to ponder on...

"Let us not be silent when we see oppression, injustice, abuse, corruption around us. Time to rise up, speak out and intercede against corruption, oppression and abuse."

  "Rebuke the oppressor and his works of the oppressor in Jesus Name and stand with the oppressed one."~ Benjamin Nolot 
"Allegiance to Jesus will only bring Justice on earth."~Benjamin Nolot 
"Let us fight for Precious souls falling prey to molestors, oppressors."~ Benjamin Nolot 
To pursue justice do not tolerate oppressors, molesters but stop them.~ Benjamin Nolot 
"If we are silent and do not expose a one time perpetrator he becomes a serial perpetrator." ~Benjamin Nolot 
(From his message "Rebuke the Oppressor")